Vegan menu at Bar Iberico Nottingham

Hi everyone

I am a big fan of eating out and trying new foods and my favourite of all is tapas. One of my favourite places prior to being vegan was Iberica and I was really happy when there sister restaurant came out Bar Iberico. I was even happier when they brought out there vegan menu especially as this features on there menu Rapido offer. Menu Rapido is there deal that gives you a starter and then 2 tapas for £10.95 which is such a good deal. They have a full and separate vegan menu as below.

The starter on the Menu Rapido is the same for everyone vegan or not and is sourdough bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This is lovely and one of my favourite nibbles. We were sat right at the bar and so we got to see the team preparing the starters which was good to see.

The tapas I chose were Crispy cauliflower with ginger, chilli and smoked almonds and the sweet potato, vegan cheese, spring onion and garlic.

The crispy cauliflower might actually be the best things I have tasted since going vegan, I don’t mean to be dramatic but it was just so amazing in my mouth! The cauliflower was crispy but also melted in my mouth and the sauce was sticky and sweat. The almonds actually made a massive difference as well to the texture. I loved this dish. It was very similar to a chicken dish my boyfriend had.

The sweet potato was also amazing, my only slight hesitation was that this was kind of a jacket potato with cheese (an amazing jacket potato with really good vegan cream cheese but still) and I’m not sure that I think of this when I think of tapas.  The crispy garlic was amazing though it was a real stand out part of the dish. I don’t think I will order this again but that is not reflection on its quality but just that I eat jacket potatoes at home a lot already and look for something different when eating out.

In addition to the tapas we ordered an additional dish (because we just couldn’t help ourselves) and got some vegan potato bravas. This is one of my staples and I cant have tapas without them and I love that these come with vegan aioli (sorry forgot to take the picture with the aioli in). It is those little extras that make the meal really good.

All in all I would really recommend this to vegans and non vegans alike. There is so much choice and it is really good quality. The price as well is just so affordable and allows this to be a nice meal out without breaking the bank.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, let me know if you have been (and what you ordered).

Thanks for reading