Vegan pea soup recipe

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After being so ill at the end of 2018 I am now desperately trying to get as many fruits and vegetables into my diet as possible to build my immune system. One good way to do this is soups, I am not the biggest fan of smoothies even though they are an excellent way to get your daily allowance but actually soups also do a very good job.

One of my favourites is pea soup as it is so easy and quick and healthy. So here is my recipe and how I make it, this makes about 2 portions:

You will need:

Celery – 3 stalks

Spinach – half a large bag

Onions – 1 whole red onion

Peas (of course) – 1/3 of a bag

Salt – pinch

Pepper – pinch

Paprika (not essential) – pinch


Chop up of your celery and onion

Add them, spinach and peas to a pan with about half a cup of water

Cook in the pan until boiled adding in your salt, pepper and paprika to taste. Then place in a blender for about 30 seconds to a 1 minute. I like my soup quite textured so I don’t blend until completely smooth.

One blended place in a bowl add some mint sauce, smile optional but makes it more fun ­čÖé

Hopefully you will enjoy my recipe and tuck into this lovely soup. I would love to see your pictures and hear what you think.

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  1. Just saved this so I can make it some time next week! I absolutely love soup for lunch, especially now that the weather is so cold!

    Shannon |

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