Vegan perfume

Hi everyone

One of the last things I changed when going vegan was my perfume, scent is quite unique not as in I created my own (although I do want to one day) but in the sense that everyone likes a different scent and often it can bring about memories. For example my boyfriend has used the same aftershave on everyone of our holidays and every time I smell the aftershave it transports me back to getting ready for a night out on holiday. So I was unsure what to do about vegan perfume as I couldn’t seem to find one that I like so I stopped wearing it initially. Then I found Pop by Stella McCartney.


I have been buying a gift set of this as you get a bottle of perfume but also a little roller ball of the perfume.


I really like this perfume, it is fresh and sweet so probably not for those of you that like a musky fragrance. I was a little weary at the start as Pop does sound like a quite young teenage fragrance and I thought it might be overly sweet but it isn’t it is subtle enough to wear everyday without being over powering.

The roller ball is my favourite part also as it fits not only in my work handbag but also my clutch for going out in the evenings. What the roller ball also does it allow me to be more specific as to were I am applying the fragrance. I personally apply fragrance to my wrists, behind my ears and the tops of my arms and then I spritz it over my hair. I never apply to my neck as it can be really drying so anything to stop the wrinkles or a saggy neck when I get older.


I find that it lasts a long time and tops up really well so I can add this on to my pulse points and still smell it a few hours later. On the other hand though I really like that it doesn’t have a strong smell the next day on my clothes as there is nothing worse than stale perfume in the washing basket.

Do you have a favourite perfume and how do you use it, any tips for making it last longer?

Thanks for reading