Vegan skinny dip collection review

Hi everyone

I love trying out new brands and I am very lucky to have a family that are totally onboard with my vegan beauty obsession and buy me amazing birthday gifts. SkinnyDip do lots of different products including clothes, bags, lifestyle and beauty. They also do a blog which I got lost in when I googled there brand. My sister brought me this vegan SkinnyDip good as gold body care trio.

The gift pack contains a body wash, a body lotion and a body mist. I haven’t looked up the price of the gift as that I feel is a bit rude so I looked up the individual items to give you an idea of the price and they all look to be under £10 which is amazing.

The first item is the Gold Baby Solid Gold Cream Queen Body Lotion. This smells amazing its like a bag of pick and mix when you open it, it is also a really lovely moisturiser as it soaks in to the skin really well and doesn’t leave any greasy or stick residue. I’ve said so many times I really do like products that are quick and easy to use and don’t need lots of time. I have only been using a little bit so far as I really want to keep this for my holiday as I think it will be so nice in the sun.

Next is the body wash, I probably should have talked about this first as this is the order I would use but never mind. This is the Gold Baby Solid Gold Clean Queen Body Wash and this smells just as good as the body lotion. I have only used this a little bit again as I really think this will be amazing on holiday.

Last but certainly not least I have the Gold Baby Solid Gold Spritz Me Baby Body Mist. I have recently really got back into body mists, for years I have just used perfume but sometimes I think perfume is a little too strong and a mist is perfect. I have been using the Shea body mist from the Body shop but now that summer is here I think this Skinny Dip one will be just right as it is a lot sweeter and fresher.

All in all a great introduction to the brand for me and I have been looking at buying so of there make up I just need to work out which bits are vegan. Have you got any recommendations for me?

Thanks for reading