Vegan toothpaste

Hi everyone

Toothpaste is such a basic thing but there are a million and one choices so how do you know which is the best one. Add into that the need for vegan and cruelty free choice and it can get a bit difficult. So here are some good ones that I am currently using and why I like them.


Before I started buying vegan and cruelty free products I always used Arm and Hammer Baking soda toothpaste as I have always drank a lot of tea and teeth staining drinks and I’ve found it really good. So I was really happy to find this Simply Natural version which is vegan friendly, I believe that none of the end products for Arm and Hammer are tested on animals but I’m not sure about the ingredients that make up the product so its nice to ne 100% sure with this product.


It has all the same promises as the ‘normal’ range including using baking soda, freshening breath and cavity protection. It is made from natural ingredients and is preservative free. For me it shows a real difference in the colour of my teeth, it is gentle but gets rid of any staining and protects my teeth. The taste is very subtle as well but really freshens my breath.

IMG_1502 - Copy (2)

The other toothpastes I am using is the Superdrug own brand Charcoal whitening toothpaste. I have this in the normal and sensitive. This is actually very similar to the Arm and Hammer toothpaste it made my mouth feel really fresh but it is very gentle. It did whiten my teeth after brushing. I didn’t notice anything different between the sensitive and the normal toothpaste but I did like them both.

All in all I would recommend the both of these brand of toothpastes as an every day tooth paste for vegans (and non vegans).

What are your recommendations for toothpaste? Have you tried of these or do you have any brands you can recommend to me.

Thanks for reading