Waitrose vegan skin care

Hi everyone

I am a big fan of Waitrose food but it hasn’t really been a place I would have thought of straight away for skincare. I had a recommendation for there products and low and behold they are vegan. I think its a reasonably new range and I haven’t tried it all yet but I am working my way through and the ones I have tried so far I have been impressed.


So the products I have tried are the Pure Hydration Hot cloth cleanser, the Overnight moisturiser and the day cream with SPF 15.


The hot cloth cleanser I have had twice now and I really like it, it is a lot thicker than a lot of other hot cloth cleansers I have tried and the first time I used it I made a mistake and tried to use it with out the cloth and just in the shower and it was almost so thick it was water proof.


Once I had got the cloth though it was lovely, its goes on really smoothly as it contains an oil but it doesn’t leave a residue on your skin it really cleans but doesn’t strip the skin. You can use this every day but I would actually use this as a special treatment so spread on the skin warm the cloth and lay in over your face and lay back and relax for a few minutes. It smells great as well so it is very relaxing. This cost around £4 but there are currently some offers on at Waitrose.


The face moisturiser I actually got for holiday as it contains an SPF 15 which isn’t very high but a good base for moving around the hotel and to the beach before putting on sun lotion. I am often wary of SPF moisturisers while I do think they are really important to really wear every day I often find them very thick, greasy and make me break out. I have been really surprised by this one as it is non of the above but really light and non greasy. It has also lasted me a long while I am onto the third week and for the last week I have ran out of my night moisturiser so twice a day and I have about a quarter left. I also had a it in my beach bag so got warm there as well. This was also about £4, so they are really reasonably priced.


The final thing I have is the overnight hydration face mask. I have used this over night once and it was like waking up after about 15 hours sleep. My skin felt soft and smooth and my forehead and cheeks which are the driest felt really hydrated. It was sticky or greasy and I didn’t feel like it feel like it all went on my pillow the minute I tried to sleep. These are the one use packets and cost about £2 so really good value.


All in all I am really impressed with the products and will be trying more of the range. Let me know if you have used these or any of the other products in the range, any recommendation welcome.

Thanks for reading