What I eat in a week as a vegan

Hi everyone

When I first went vegan I struggled to know what interesting things to cook, there was plenty of choice but it just wasn’t very interesting. At first I resigned myself to thinking well I have made this choice and now I have to live with maybe not being fully satisfied. Obviously now I know that was rubbish as some of the best food is vegan and full of veggies.

So I thought it might be useful to show you what I eat in a week for my evening meal.

I started the week with vegan wraps, for these I use the Tesco own brand plain wraps. There are quite a few wraps out there that are vegan without having to buy specific vegan ones that are quite a bit more expensive. I topped my wrap with salad, pulled chicken from the Linda McCartney range, Hellman’s vegan mayo and chili sauce (I added more chili sauce after this photo was taken). This was amazing, I love wraps and often just shove what ever I have in the fridge in there.

Next I had vegan spaghetti bolognaise, this is one of my favorite meals that I forget is my favorite meal every-time. I think its comes across a bit boring and this puts me off making it sometimes but then when I do I wonder why I haven’t made it more often. This is courgettes, peas, peppers, onions mixed with The meatless farm mince and then topped with chopped tomatoes and tomato puree. I leave it to simmer while I shower or tidy or both and then put huge amounts in a bowl topped with Morrison’s own brand vegan mature cheese and enjoy.

Midweek I had what looks like the most bland meal but tasted so amazingly good. The weather was a bit rainy and blahhhh so I really fancied something comforting. This is the Sainsburys Taste the difference Moroccan pie. I’ve had this in the freezer for a little while and I cant see the flavor on the website anymore. Then I added some of my home grown allotment potatoes with butter, pepper and Morrison’s vegan gravy. I also added a Morrison’s vegan stock pot into my gravy to add richness. You cant tell by the picture but it is so tasty and rich. I didn’t leave it to thicken long enough to get the texture though (to eager to eat!).

Next it was time for some yummy stir fry. I added bean sprouts, peppers, chili, sweetcorn, coriander, horse chestnuts, onions and peas. Then for the sauce I added Blue dragon black bean, soy sauce, white wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar. I was really hungry so I added in some Sainsburys vegan kebabs on sticks.

Next was steak, I actually eat ‘steak’ more now than I did when I ate meat. This is the Plant Pioneers steak and you get them in a pack of 2. You do them in a frying pan or griddle and I added a little olive oil to cook. They are really good and really smokey like a BBQ steak actually. I topped mine with some home grown allotment spinach and some spicy tomato sauce then had it with potatoes topped with cheese.

So that is what I ate in a week as a vegan. I do not think that is boring, do you? My favorite had to be the steak dinner but the healthiest is the stir fry so lots of choice.

Hope you enjoyed reading.